Company Profile

Atlantic Minerals Limited has quarry and plant facilities on the Port au Port Peninsula in Lower Cove, NL, Canada.

Atlantic Minerals Limited’s distinct deposits allow for the production of High Calcium Limestone and Dolomite along with Construction Aggregate.  Products, processed for sizing only, are shipped in their natural state to locations within Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.

Atlantic Minerals Limited currently has over 130 employees working at its operations in Lower Cove, and operates on a 24/7 schedule, 9 months of the year, with 3 months of winter plant maintenance. Ship loading and delivery of products operates 12 months of the year. A majority  of AML’s employees are from the Port Au Port Peninsula and greater Bay St. George area. 

Each year Atlantic Minerals Limited invests significantly in capital works, maintenance and equipment upgrades to ensure the facility remains world-class and competitive in the global economy.

Atlantic Minerals Limited has, and continues to be, committed to providing High Calcium Limestone and Dolomite to our markets in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.