Core Values

Atlantic Minerals Limited is committed to community, safety, and the environment. These values are an integral part of the way we conduct and manage our business.


Atlantic Minerals Limited is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, and other stakeholders on our worksites. To do this, Atlantic Minerals Limited clearly outlines and implements expectations regarding health and safety performance.


To operate an efficient, competitive Company while providing a safe, healthy and respectful workplace grounded in the principle of valuing relationships.


Our Company makes decisions and initiates action based upon:

  • Safety                           –              Ensuring the safety of our workers and our colleagues
  • Integrity                       –              Doing the right thing. We are honest, ethical and fair
  • Respect                        –              Treating everyone with respect
  • Partnerships              –              Collaborating with others for success
  • Innovation                  –              Adapting to change and challenging complacency
  • Responsibility            –              Accepting our legal responsibilities


Atlantic Minerals Limited (AML) continues to invest, revise and improve the Company’s safety program, which is currently composed of the following key components.


AML has implemented appropriate policies within the company including;

  • Health and safety policy
  • Employee safety training policy
  • Miner medical policy
  • Workplace harassment and violence policy
  • Early safe return to work policy
  • Fatigue management policy.
  • Drug and alcohol policy.

AML works closely with safety representatives from,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Division, Service NL
  • The Company’s active Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Radio Communications service providers
  • Safety Training providers
  • Safety equipment suppliers

Atlantic Minerals Limited requires that all employees complete a risk assessment prior to starting a work task. The Company achieves this goal with;

  • Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA)
  • Job Hazard Assessment (JHA)
  • Lockout-Tag out Procedures (LOTO)
  • Safe work procedures

Atlantic Minerals Limited maintains the following programs supporting the health and safety of employees

  • Miner Medical Program
  • Digital radio communication with safety features for lone workers and emergency situation
  • Air quality station for site monitoring
  • Comprehensive safety training program specific to each employee and his or her role in the compan

Incident Investigation

  • Workplace incidents are recorded in a timely manner in IndustrySafe software to assist the company in determining incident trends.
  • Significant workplace incidents and near misses are investigated promptly in order to ensure that health and safety risks are identified quickly and mitigated as soon as possible.
  • A reporting system has been established to ensure communication of significant safety issue
  • A system of cameras exists to provide Investigator(s) with access to video recordings onsite.
  • All audio communications on the digital radio system are digitally recorded and provide valuable information in the event of workplace investigations.

Injury Management

  • Atlantic Minerals Limited values the positive relationship with WorkplaceNL. The cooperative approach strives to connect injured workers with the workplace as soon as possible after an incident occurs through Early and Safe Return to Work programs. (ESRTW).
  • Atlantic Minerals Limited manages all Workers Compensation Claims by (1) Reporting all Workplace injuries to WorkplaceNL as required; (2) maintaining regular communication with WorkplaceNL officials and (3) encouraging and supporting Early and Safe Return to Work Programs
  • Atlantic Minerals Limited maintains good relationships with stakeholders to ensure that ESRTW programs are developed in partnership with the injured employee, medical professionals, WorkplaceNL, the employee’s supervisor, unions and the company.
  • The Company provides employees with appropriate assistance to enable them to access appropriate mental health services. Some services are provided through the publically funded health care system, other services are provided by the Operating Engineers Union and others are paid for by the Company through the use of private practitioners.

Emergency Response

  • Emergency Response – Atlantic Minerals Limited has an emergency response procedure posted in multiple locations.  The plan identifies the emergency control center/dispatch, emergency contact numbers, supervisor /management contact numbers. Atlantic Minerals Limited takes pride in having 93 employees qualified in standard first aid at the Lower Cove site.
  • Man down feature – the digital radio system has a man down feature, which activates within 2 minutes of detecting no movement from a lone worker. The radio will then send a site wide emergency alarm over the radio system.  This feature includes GPS information to locate an employee in distress.
  • Emergency broadcast – An employee witnessing an emergency can initiate site wide notification on the radio system.  The broadcast sends the radio ID and locks the channel to enable clear communication with emergency control.
  • Fire and Ambulance Services – Fire extinguishers are located in all buildings and on all mobile equipment.  The Company has commitments with community fire departments and local community based ambulance providers, which employs trained paramedics. The response time for both the Ambulance and Fire Department is approximately 15 minutes. 
  • Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) – Atlantic Minerals Limited has AED units placed strategically throughout the site and which cover each operational unit.


Atlantic Minerals Limited has a long history of sound operational procedures reflecting our commitment to reduce and mitigate environmental concerns through the application of national and international operational best practices. Atlantic Minerals Limited is obligated and committed to develop our rich, Limestone and Dolomite deposits in a manner that meets world-class standards for the environment, workplace and operation.

Atlantic Minerals Limited’s EPP is the primary mechanism for site-specific implementation of environmental mitigation and monitoring measures for quarry operational activities. The EPP intended purpose is to be proactive and used for effective and efficient implementation of procedures required for all personnel (Atlantic Minerals Limited staff and Contractors) to reduce or eliminate potential adverse environmental effects. Atlantic Minerals Limited is transparent in all of its daily operations with an EPP developed in compliance with industry standards, best practices and regulatory requirements.

Atlantic Minerals Limited is committed to:

  • Responsible use of our reserves, thus extending the life of those resources and further reducing the AML’s impact on the environment
  • Meeting commitments in daily operations to reduce or eliminate adverse environmental effects
  • Documenting environmental concerns and provide clear and concise instructions and reporting mechanisms for operations personnel regarding appropriate environmental protection measures
  • Providing direction for the management of accidental events (contingency plans)
  • Planning and/or conducting specific activities and for recommending improvements
  • Providing direction at the corporate level for ensuring environmental commitments and regulatory requirements are implemented and monitored


Atlantic Minerals Limited is committed to the protection of the environment and providing employment to residents of local communities. Atlantic Minerals Limited is also committed to working with our neighbours and communities in a respectful environment.