Physical Testing

The Physical Lab receives and collects samples from the varied operational components which includes drilling, production and ship loading.  Following ASTM guidelines samples are collected from production points at scheduled frequencies.  Collection is performed using automatic samplers or manually from conveyor belting.  The goal is to obtain representative samples from a variety of sources.  Test results are only as valid as the sample on which they are performed.  Obtaining a truly representative sample paramount. Using proper procedures as outlined by ASTM will result in the most representative sample available.

Once representative samples have been collected the Physical Lab is tasked with the following:

  • Reducing the collected sample down to Testing size. 
  • Performing gradation test on the sample.  A detailed sieve analysis is done on both fine and course aggregate samples.
  • Determining moisture of the sample.
  • Wash Loss determination.
  • Preparing the sample for Chemical Analysis. The sample is crushed, pulverized and placed in a vial.  This vial is then sent to the Chemical Lab for analysis.

AML adheres to the following standards as set out by ASTM:

  • ASTM C566 – Stand Test Method for Total Evaporable Moisture Content of Aggregate by Drying
  • ASTM C702/C702M Standard Practice for Reducing Samples of Aggregate to Testing Size
  • ASTM D75/D75M Standard Practice for Sampling Aggregates