Atlantic Minerals Limited is leading the way, as a world-class producer of High Calcium Limestone, Dolomite and Construction Aggregates.

Atlantic Minerals Limited’s high calcium limestone and dolomite meet varying customer specifications to satisfy a wide range of industrial, agricultural and construction uses.  Atlantic Minerals Limited is proud to produce consistent products that meet demanding chemical and physical properties. 


Atlantic Minerals Limited has over a billion metric tonnes of reserves, including proven reserves of over 50 million metric tonnes of High Calcium Limestone, 70 million metric tonnes of Dolomite.  The remaining reserves are suitable for Construction Aggregates.


Separate and distinct quarries exist for High Calcium Limestone, Dolomite and Construction Aggregates. Diamond core drilling is performed ahead of production to assure chemical content. Test drill cuttings are monitored by chemical analysis prior to blasting.

Product Properties

Massive, dense deposits result in AML products having superior properties which provide added value to users. Atlantic Minerals Limited’s High Calcium Limestone and Dolomite have demonstrated excellent decrepitation properties and calcination behaviour superior to many other sources. Sulfur content is exceptionally low in both chemical grades.


All three (3) types of Atlantic Minerals Limited stone can be sized to various specifications. Materials are being supplied in such diverse sizes as:

6″ x 04″ x 02 3/4″ x 1 1/4″2″ x 3/4″

ASTM and DOT construction aggregates

3/4″ x 1/4″3/4″ x 03/8″ x 01/4″ x 0